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There are four people actively running the game...

In casino craps, the players place their bets and the casino bank "covers" them. In addition to covering every player's bet, the casino-banked craps game offers many other types of proposition bets. These bets, along with the basic "pass" and "don't pass" bets, are explained in the accompanying diagram.

There are four people actively running the game. The boxman, who sits behind the middle of the table, is the boss. He keeps a constant watch over the game. The two dealers on each side of him pay off the winners and "rake" in the losers' chips. Each dealer handles all the players on his side. The table is divided by the center box of proposition bets and also by the stickman, who stands on the players' side of the table.

The stickman controls the action of the dice and the pace of the game. After seeing all bets are down, the stickman pushes a few sets of dice to the shooter. That players selects a pair of dice and is ready to roll them across the table so that they hit the wall at the opposite end. If, on the first roll, you make a 7 or 11, you've rolled a "natural" and you win. What you win is the equivalent amount of chips you have bet on the pass line.

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There are four people actively running the game...

If you roll a 2, 3 or 12 on your first throw...

If, on the first roll, you shoot a 4, 5, 6,8, 9 or 10...

Our advice is to play...

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Craps: Eleven

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Craps: Come bets and don't come

Craps: Pass line

Craps: Don't pass

Craps: The field

Any craps

Craps: Big 6 and 8

Craps: Horn bet

Craps: Odds

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